Useful tips for painting your home…

With several new types of colours, textures and patterns available in home paints, we indeed get quite ambitious about getting our homes painted. Other than the normal wrapping your furniture to protect them from dust and water-proofing the walls before the paint, these three simple things will help your newly-painted home look fabulous.

Choose colours that reflect light
This is the most important thing. In a city, where micro-housing is a way of life, we need ways to make our space-crunched homes look spacious. And, choosing a colour that reflects a lot of lights can actually help you achieve that. Colours like ivory, lemon yellow, peach, light blue, etc. helps reflect enough light and create an illusion of being a space spread across a huge area.

Select designs and textures that would suit the space
Since most of us are high on designs and textures, it is pivotal to understand what exactly looks good. Choosing textures that have a definite theme, and also go with the other elements in your house furniture, artefacts, paintings, etc. will make the wall standout. Do not choose something extremely abstract as it might just end up looking out of place.

Do not paint the entire home with the same colour
Well, needless to say, monotony is something that none of us seem to like. Hence, choosing a single colour for all the sections of your house will only lead to boredom, not that you over-explore the colour palate. However, make sure you paint sitting areas, baithaks, study, dining room and children’s rooms in colours that are inviting and make the section standout, from the rest of the house.

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