Uttarakhand to initiate 25MW green power from waste

The Uttarakhand government will set up a waste to energy project with the help of BSR Green Energy, Hyderabad. This will ease part of the waste burden of 18 local bodies with the help of the green technology.

So far, successive state governments have failed to put in place a credible waste management system in the last 15 years. Now, with SIDCUL selecting BSR Green Energy to take forward the waste to energy project, around 18 urban local bodies, including Dehradun, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Roorkee, Doiwala, Herbertpur, Vikasnagar and Haridwar, will benefit from it under which electricity will be produced from waste.

The government has earmarked about 10 acres in Roorkee for the project where the powerhouse will be built for dumping waste and generating electricity from it. “The waste to energy project to be built with BSR Green Power, Hyderabad, will start operation in another 10 months. The company was selected in the tendering process undertaken by SIDCUL. This is a major project for the state that is now increasingly looking to the prospect of using waste in an environmentally friendly and scientific manner,” said Dr Rajesh Kumar, Additional Secretary, Industries.

According to the agreement, the land at Roorkee will be made available free of cost to the company that is expected to produce around 25 MW that will be supplied to the state’s main grid. “The Uttarakhand Electricity Regularity Commission (UERC) will discuss rates for the supply of electricity to the main pool, which will add to the availability of power in the state.

The company will have to sign a letter of intent for setting up tariff with the UERC,” added Dr Rajesh Kumar. SIDCUL aims at earning royalty from waste to be used in the project for producing electricity. Considering 18 urban local bodies are involved, their waste thus generated is pegged at 550 metric tonne per day and royalty will also be charged per day.

The royalty thus earned will be shared with the local bodies and the venture is likely to improve their financial health. Meanwhile, the Central government has declared capital subsidy for these kind of projects.

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