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If you are planning on buying a house, or constructing one yourself, look carefully into the construction of your abode. Believe it or not, it is as important as the budget you are going to spend. Why you ask? Well, if you wish to channel positive energy into your lives, make sure your house is in sync with the norms of Vaastu Shastra.

Vaastu at-large can be described as ‘a traditional Hindu system of architecture’. According to Dr. Smita Jain Narang, “It’s an ancient Indian science, which helps in making a congenial setting to live in the most scientific way possible. As the world comprises of five basic elements, also known as the ‘Paanchbhootas’, Vaastu takes advantage of the benefits by harnessing and utilizing the elements to bring wealth, health, and happiness.”

While constructing ancient sculptures many Vaastu guidelines were followed, but can those be implemented in the present-day scenario, keeping in mind the contemporary lifestyle?

MahaVaastu Acharya Prasad Kulkarni, CEO, MahaVaastu Mumbai, says it is possible, and with much ease.

Here are a few guidelines you should keep in mind if you wish to create an aura of positivity, and bliss around you.

Direction of construction:

“It is imperative to focus on the entrance of the house, since universal energy flows through it”, says Prasad Kulkarni.

“Avoid a south-west entrance as it brings in debt, poverty, and relationship problems. North, south, east and west zone entrances are good to go with, since they channelize money and prosperity. The kitchen should be in the south to south-east Vaastu zones”, concludes Kulkarni.

For a prosperous life, the north-east Vaastu zone should be left uncluttered, with just a prayer room in the area.

“The drainage system should be in the west, north or north- west belt. Also, avoid apartments with cuts in north -east and south east directions”, says Vaastu expert, Nidhi Swaroop.

Paint your house right:

As much as one focuses on the construction of the house, it is important to choose the right colours to paint your walls.

Colours in general can be divided into three broad categories – Tamasic, Satvic and Rajasic.

Tamasic colours are inert and include dark shades, giving an illusion of solidity, depth and weight. You can opt for various hues in this range, such as (Honey Roast-2809), (Twine Beige-2828) or (Windy Peak-2982).

Satvic colours are cooler and lighter and facilitate concentration and relaxation. Paint your walls with colours like (Fresh Pink-2232), (Peach Blush 2114) or (April Sky-2372).

Rajasic colours are bright and fiery and thought to increase energy. Here are some options-(Sweet Jasmine-2003), (Lady Diana-2303) or (Green Haze-2576).

“The colour purple signifies royalty and wealth and the same should be used in the house to achieve financial gains”, says Astrologer Jai Madaan.

You can choose the right hue of purple, for example, (Rose Tint-2274), (Fawn Lily-2275), (Wood Violet-2276), or (Crested Iris-2277).

Also, one should opt for white (Nearly White-2904), light yellow (Daisy Chain-2018), blue (Blue Note-2360) or green (Green Dream-5202) colours for the walls of the living area, and avoid colours like black and red.

All the shades mentioned here are available with Nerolac, and you could make your selection.

Locker placement for financial gains:

As much as it is critical to safeguard your locker, it is vital to place it in the right zone.

“According to Vaastu, it is better to place the locker closer to the south-west or the south wall in the room so that it opens onto the north direction. A cash locker should never be placed under a focus light or beam, as it indicates financial stress on the family or family business”, says Astrologer Jai Madaan.

“Place a mirror in front of your cash locker so that the image of the locker gets reflected in the mirror. This is symbolic of doubling of wealth”, Madaan concludes.

Move your furniture:

If there’s not much you can do to change the basics of your construction, focus on moving around your furniture in accordance with Vaastu Shastra.

“Always keep furniture and heavy items in west or south zone. If it is not possible, use a base of 1-3 inches of height to keep furniture in north or north-east”, says Dr Madhu Kotiya, Body, Mind and Soul.

“Place the television in the south-east corner to maintain its longevity. Also, put light curtains on windows facing north-east and heavy fabrics on ones facing south-west. Make sure to hang a chandelier in the south or west part of your of living area, and not in the centre,” says Dr Kotya.

Painting, painting on the wall

“In terms of Vaastu for wall decor, the right artwork especially the vibrancy of the images can absolutely influence the positive vibes in the house,” says Dhaval Dadia, Director, Hashtag Decor.

“It is important to put the right kind of paintings to bring in life-supporting energies into the house. The energy ultimately enhances relationships, health, education and even finance. Since the northern part of the house corresponds to all money-related matters, a painting or an image of a flowing river or a rich waterfall can harness the right kind of energy for a flourishing business or career” concludes Dadia.

Though, ‘Vastu Shastra’ is ancient form of science, it does hold the same relevance even today.

Follow these simple expert tips and keep your house and family safe from all evil eyes, ill health and negative energies

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