Violations in commercial buildings rampant in Nagpur

NAGPUR: Misuse of side margins in high-rise buildings, especially commercial buildings, is going on unabated. Even basements, meant for parking, too are being misused. Despite numerous NMC notices, violations are on the rise in commercial buildings, sources told media.

On Wednesday and Thursday, TOI surveyed a few commercial and high-rises — Fidwi Tower, Shreeram Shyam Tower and Landmark. It was observed that many commercial establishments are running pay-and-park in the side margins. They have not taken any permission for this change of misuse. Similarly, instead of allowing only parking of vehicles, many commercial buildings have converted basements into godowns.

NMC chief fire officer Rajendra Uchake pointed out that side margins of up to 6 meters in a high-rise — especially commercial and residential buildings (more than 24 meters) — should be kept free for movement of fire tenders. “Parking of vehicles should not be allowed in this space,” he clarified.

The development control rules (DCR), which were amended in 2016, have been modified to keep aside 5% of the total parking space for visitor’s parking in all types of constructions, be it residential or commercial. For the ease of parking, three-tier parking basement has been permitted instead of two-tier ones. In fact, no misuse of side margins should be allowed, the DCR states. However, NMC’s town planning department and zonal offices prefer to turn a blind eye to these violations.

The high court has time and again directed NMC to ensure action against misuse of parking spaces. However, NMC seems unmoved. In the past too, media had highlighted grave violations in commercial buildings across city limits.

TOI had published how a hotel was misusing the ground floor stilt parking as an illegal extension of the restaurant kitchen in a building on the busy Deo Nagar Road. A portion of the parking was modified to house the hotel’s reception, in violation of the building’s sanctioned plan. The sanctioned plan shows residential flats, but they have been converted into hotel rooms for commercial purpose.

Taking cognisance of TOI report, the then municipal commissioner Shyam Wardhane had asked Laxmi Nagar zone to act against the building. Though the zone office had admitted misuse of sanctioned plan, they have not taken any action.

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