Voilation of NBC main reason for accidents at construction sites

KOCHI: Violation of safety measures stated in the national building code (NBC) is cited as the main reason for accidents and deaths at construction sites. Though it is mandatory to adhere to NBC norms, experts point out that workers, contractors and builders are equally responsible for violating these rules.

“Required safety mechanism is often ignored. Workers are often reluctant to wear safety gears, including boots, helmets, vests with hooks. Sometimes, contractors and builders do not provide these gears. It has to be ensured that work sites are constantly monitored by safety engineers,” said architect S Gopakumar.

“When a work is performed on elevated surfaces, fall arrest system has to be put in place. Installing railings, nets, floors and other systems will support workers,” said an official with Soma Constructions.

He said mini-cranes and makeshift lifts should not be overloaded. Engineers who are in-charge of the work site should check whether scaffolding is properly attached to the main structure.

Officials with the Kochi Metro said that they have a team of engineers to frequently check safety measures. “We have engaged qualified engineers to do this job,” said a Metro official.

Credits ET Realty

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