Volunteers introduce waste segregation in Whitefield


Garbage woes are a serious cause of concern for Bangalore residents that is affecting their normal lives. Keeping this in mind, 15 member group of volunteers from the Mahadevapura AC area held an awareness drive on Sunday morning to educate residents about the importance of waste segregation.

One of the volunteers, Naveen Kumar, 29, said, “People in Mandur were protesting against the dumping of garbage in their village. When we visited the area we saw the pathetic condition of the place due to the dumping of garbage there. That is when we decided to do something about it and started to work on Solid Waste Management.”

The volunteers visited Keerthi Gardeina Apartments in Whitefield that has around 300 flats and introduced them to the ‘Two Bins and One Bag Model’. They were given a demonstration of how to segregate waste.

Talking about the importance of waste segregation, one of the volunteers, Sreenivasa Sasidhar, 38, said, “The garbage being dumped is harmful not only to us but also for the nature. It leads to air as well as ground water pollution. It is the result of improper segregation that diseases like dengue and malaria have increased in the city. Through our awareness drive we wanted this message to be conveyed to the people.”

The residents were shown how garbage segregation can benefit them.

Sandeep Kumar Nath, 26 , another volunteer, added, “Rejected solid waste includes syringes, used blades and batteries. The wet waste can be used as compost and the dry waste can be sent for recycling. But instead of segregating the waste, most of us end up disposing them together which is the ultimate cause of all garbage issues in the society.”

Volunteers also clarified the doubts the residents had about segregation of waste.

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