VR Green festival at Bangalore

Connect with farmers, learn about upcycled vertical garden installations, check out eco-friendly products, and more. This weekend is all about celebrating the environment as VR Bengaluru presents VR Green, a two-day festival that will take you through everything to do with sustainable living, and eco-awareness. From talks on lakes, to workshops, and discussion on environmental initiatives by the Whitefield Rising Community, it’s going to be quite an intense affair.

Kavya Chandra, founder, A Green Venture, organisers of the event, says, “Everybody is curious about going green, and people want to do something good for environment but they don’t know how to go about it. We are here to help. Bengaluru has always been home to a eco-conscious crowd, and at the end of the day sustainable living has become a priority.”

Around 30 stalls, including 15 workshops at the venue that will bring together vendors, growers, producers, experts, specialists are in the pipeline. Plus there’s a performance by the band, Thalavattam, which is quite unique in their own way – all their musical instruments are made from upcycled material. Eighty per cent of their instruments are made from stuff people throw away! And they have something in store for their audiences too.

Montry Manuel, founder of the band says, “It won’t be just a music show. Audiences will be given drums and other materials such as pipes and buckets, and we will make music with it.”

Anuradha Govind, one of the lead members for the team of Solid Waste Management for Whitefield Rising Community says, “We are constantly working towards an eco-friendly life. At the event, we will be talking about waste management to achieve a cleaner city. We will also talk about our initiatives such as 2bin1bag, Swachagraha, and other such initiatives we undertake on ground.”

But that’s not all, at the Farm to Fork experiential corner, you can also meet the growers of food, who will show you sustainable food consumption choices, and help you choose to better and healthier products. You can also interact with farming experts, attend some of their sessions, take a walk through the mock farm, and even learn how to grow your own food.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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