Where are the funds to give 2BHK houses to poor in Telangana?

From Great Andhra

Though Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao might have made hundreds of promises to voters during elections, but one promise that  made all the difference for him and TRS is 2 BHK scheme for poor.

KCR had promised to build two double bedroom houses for all poor in Telangana by spending Rs 7 lakh on each house/ flat.

This promise created such a euphoria in entire Telangana that TRS has been winning all the elections with bumper majority since then while Opposition parties lost their existense in the state completely.

Just by constructing 400 2BHK houses in IDH colony, Hyderabad during his 20-month rule and publicising them, KCR swept all the polls, be it Warangal Lok Sabha bypoll, recent GHMC elections or Naranyankhed Assembly bypoll.

Their only poll plank was if they vote for TRS, they would get Rs 7 lakh worth 2BHK for free and they will lose their 2BHKs if they don’t vote for TRS. To know how this campaign worked, the results are here to see for all.

So far so good, but the problem now being faced by KCR and TRS government is how to mobilise thousands of crores of funds to build lakhs of 2BHK houses for poor and allot them for free without collecting a single rupee from beneficiaries.

KCR has promised to build 2 lakh 2 BHK houses in 2016 itself. Of them one lakh are in Hyderabad and the remaining one lakh in other districts.

Housing minister A Indrakaran Reddy who convened meeting with officials to know how much amount would be required to build these 2 lakh 2BHK houses/ flats, they informed him that Rs 14,500 crore would be needed.

When he asked how much is the budget allotted for housing this year, they told him that it was Rs 1,500 crore but not even Rs 500 crore was actually realeased or spent.

The government is now trying to secure loans from banks to mobilise funds but how can it repay the loans amounting to Rs 14,500 crore, without getting anything from beneficiaries.

If for 2 lakh 2 BHK houses, Rs 14,000 crore is required, how many thousands of crores would be needed to build houses for all homeless in Telangana as promised by KCR. Only God can answer this question.

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