Whitefield residents act to save Nallurahalli lake

With the government ignoring repeated requests for action to protect and revive the Nallurahalli lake in Whitefield, the residents of the area have come together to do their bit.

For the last one month, they have been on a plantation drive every weekend, spreading awareness on the importance of this lung space, and drawing attention to the encroachment of the lake in the hope that authorities would be moved to act.

A group of locals, under the banner of Nallurahalli Rising, have been fighting for over a year to get the lake back to its former glory and protect it from encroachment. But their repeated requests have fallen on deaf ears. In the meantime, a slow but steady attempt to encroach the lake area has been going on, the residents allege. With the vicinity getting congested, the slum dwellers have been inching in.

“We planted around 300 plants, but there wasn’t enough water for them. So we all decided to come together every Sunday to water these plants and clear the weeds around the lake,” said Srinivas Reddy, an active member of the group. “We pooled in Rs 50,000 and got a brush, cutter, water pipe and motor to pump water from the lake for the plants,” he said.

Reddy said there was clear encroachment of the lake, and the group’s aim was to get the land back and restore the water body. “The lake is spread over an area of 48 acres; and there is encroachment on its shores,” he said .

“Heaps of debris has been dumped here, as well as leftovers from the waste-processing unit. Close to 60 huts have sprung up on the lake area. We have raised numerous complaints with the civic authorities, but they have not taken up this issue seriously,” said Reddy, adding that it was painful to watch the lake die slowly.

BBMP and BDA have taken no action towards a permanent solution. The BDA cited lack of funds as the reason.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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