Workplace etiquettes for millennials

This post is especially for Millennials who are entering the workforce. If you’re one of those people who will refuse to do something because it’s “not in the job description,” you’re not gonna make it far in the professional world.

Office can sure be an overwhelming and intimidating place. Professional employees are expected to abide by certain standards of etiquette that millennials need to understand and adapt to as part of an organization.

Here are a few helpful tips that can help employees of any age follow proper business etiquette:

Be enthusiastic
Being enthusiastic about learning new things and accepting new work if you get the opportunity to do so is a MUST. When you do, you’re adding more value to your company. Adding value will lead to professional success when done consistently.

Understand your workplace‘s dress code
In her book “The Essentials Of Business Etiquette,” Barbara Pachter writes – “Clothing, an important form of nonverbal communication, can enhance a person’s professional reputation or detract from his or her credibility. You want to send a professional message through your clothing choices.”

Therefore, always find out what the dress code is at the event, meeting, or restaurant you’re going to and make sure your attire falls within the guidelines.

Always stand when you’re being introduced to someone.
Always stand when you’re being introduced to someone new and offer a friendly handshake. It shows you are humble and respectful towards your colleagues. Moreover, it makes people notice you because of the conduct.

Mind your manners
Say please when you make requests and thank someone if they do something for you. Don’t swear at others if you get into a disagreement (and don’t raise your voice in anger, either).

Being a part of office gossip is a BIG NO!
Don’t gossip and avoid being the fool who not only believes rumours, but spreads it around too.

Never be late
This one is so simple, and yet so many Millennials in the workplace completely fail at being punctual to anything. Sure, it’s okay to be a few minutes late every once in a while. But to be 15 minutes late every single day? Guaranteed someone in your office is noticing your consistently late arrivals and is making note.

Credits Business Insider

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