Workshop for housemaids on sexual harassment at workplace

GURGAON: Over a 100 women employees from DLF phase I participated in workshop on sexual harassment for working women.

 The session was organized in DLF phase I police station by local complaints committee (LCC) and Nari Shakti Manch. The worked was organized for working women with a special focus on poor employees like domestic maids and factory labour. The organisers told the women that they should raise voice against discrimination at work. LCC nodal officer Purnima shared that passing comments, molestation and harassing a woman at workplace can be reported to company’s internal complaints committee or directly to LCC.

The cops too informed the women as to how they can report the cases of sexual harassment with police. The laws have been amended and there is a provision for a harsher punishments and more fine for crime against women.

“There has been a rise in number of cases filed by working women but still a lot more awareness is required because masses such as working women from poor background are not aware that they have rights too,” said Kailash Kumari, SHO at Women police station.

Credits Times of India

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