YEIDA to allot plots to owners after 7 years

GREATER NOIDA: Nearly seven years after they were allotted land by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), relief is in store for about 21,000 individual allottees. The first lot of 55 allottees has been issued possession letters by the Authority. As per officials, another 1600 plot owners will be handed over possession by mid-2017, while 4800 a year later.

According to YEIDA officials, the first letter of possession issued out of 21,000 plots under Residential Plot Scheme-2009 was handed over to Sushil Gupta.

“Of the 55 plots, twenty owners of 4,000 square meter plots and thirty-five owners of 2,000 square meter plots have been given the possession letters. These plots are located in A and B blocks of sector 20 of YEIDA,” said Amarnath Upadhyay, Additional CEO (ACEO), YEIDA. “We are working on handing over possession of block I, J, U and T, which totals about 1633 plots in the next few months. These plots measure 300 and 500 square meters and are located in sectors 18 and 20,” he explained. Officials further said another 4833 developed plots will be delivered to owners by end of 2017 and middle of year 2018.

As per YEIDA officials, allottees are facing a delay in securing possession of their plots due to farmer agitations. Farmers of nearly 77 villages in the area have been agitating for a hiked compensation of 64.7 percent for their acquired lands. In August 2014, the Uttar Pradesh government had directed YEIDA to pay enhanced compensation to farmers.

YEIDA had then started disbursement of the enhanced compensation. “It is our priority to hand over possession of land to our allottees,” said Arun Vir Singh, CEO, YEIDA. “So far we have already distributed about Rs.300 crores to farmers and taken possession of land in sector 20 of the YEIDA area. We are in the process of taking over possession of sector 18, which has nearly 7000 allotted plots,” Singh told media. “Our attempt is to fuel development and habitation in the area and hence are in the process of expediting possession to allottees and distribution of compensation to farmers,” he added.

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