Youngsters’ guide to rent a home in Ahmedabad

Renting out a flat or finding a suitable paying guest accommodation is one of the toughest parts of college life. Factors like budget, location, distance from the college and even roommates are the deciding factor to finding that perfect home away from home. As the new academic session begin, here are points to consider while choosing a place.

How to rent a place
Gone are days when you had to hit the roads in search of a PG/rental. Dedicated social media pages can now take you to the landlords without the hassle of looking for a broker. “I browsed through one such page where lots of options for rentals were available,” says Archana Nautiyal, first year student, adding, “I shortlisted a few and went to see them personally. It saved some time and money (since the broker was not involved).”

What to expect

Some PGs and rented places don’t allow the tenants to cook owing to their food preferences or even otherwise. In such a situation one might want to consider a place that enjoys close proximity to food joints or have home delivery options. “I lived in a PG where we were not allowed to cook. The landlady cooked for us, beyond that we had to rely on food from nearby eateries/home deliveries. But what saved us was the fact that there were a lot of food joints around our PG that delivered food,” says Tanvi Dabholkar. There are places which have restrictions when it comes to in time and out time. Most PGs or rentals for girls have landlords who are strict about their tenants’ comings and goings.
Whether to hire furniture
Many rented places are equipped with furniture and fixtures. Look for a place that already provides the basics. “When I came to the city, I bought furniture worth ` 40,000. Now that I am graduating, I don’t know how to dispose it off at a good price,” says Radhika Jadeja, a city based student.
Taking care of the agreement
Most rentals make an agreement of 11 months and then as per the terms and interest of both the parties, it is renewed. It is necessary to read through the agreement in case of disputes later. Most rentals and PGs also prefer verification of the tenant at a nearby police station.

Singles in the neighbourhood
Not everyone likes bachelors for tenants, even more so if the tenant is a boy. Before selecting a place it is important to check if the society is okay with the idea of having a group of boys residing in the locality, before actually moving in. “I am a bachelor and on several occasions I was questioned for friends coming over, music, late night outs,” says Panth Mehta, a student. “Living in Ahmedabad has been tough, as I have moved homes thrice in three years. If there was a day I’d be little late, then I’d have to face unwarranted questions. Now I have a flat, but as a singleton, looking out for the right flatmate is no less problematic,” says Anushka Thakkar, currently looking for a flatmate.

While starting a new innings in college is exciting, house hunting surely makes things a little tricky. But that’s just a small price to pay for a memorable college life.

Value for money
A paying guest house is available for `2500-`12000 (sharing basis)
Apartments are available for `3000-`14000 (sharing basis)

PGs vs Rentals
PGs usually have furniture and might also provide food. Some PGs also provide facilities like washing, ironing, cleaning the house services

A PG might have time restrictions
A rental will not have any restrictions about timings
Rented apartments might not be furnished; one might also have to pay extra for food and other basic services

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